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Congratulations to our company on winning the 6th China innovation and entrepreneurship competition


Congratulations to our company on winning the 6th China innovation and entrepreneurship competition in 2017, guangdong division and the 5th pearl river angel cup technology innovation and entrepreneurship competition.

 After the fierce competitions, shanwei cities at sotheby electronic packaging materials co., LTD., a project of "high performance, no clean, no soldering flux encapsulation Au - Sn solder research and development and industrialization" harvest province prize competition growing group of new material industry. The main objective of this project is to improve the machining performance by controlling the oxygen content of Au-Sn solder due to its high brittleness and inability to use the traditional cold press processing method. In addition, combined with the technical accumulation of the company's processing of au-sn solder, hot rolling and subsequent heat treatment technology are introduced to further improve the welding reliability of au-sn solder. This project mainly studies the control of the oxygen content of Au-Sn filler metal, the improvement of the microstructure of Au-Sn filler metal, and the improvement of mechanical properties. In non equilibrium cooling process, try to avoid the formation of large primary phase Au, the formation of solid solution of Au and even tiny Au, Sn eutectic organization, which affects the microstructure morphology, Au, Sn solder welding reliability. This project plans to develop Au-Sn solder to meet the quality requirements of important national defense products, break the foreign technical blockade, and realize the localization of high-end Au-Sn solder.


    Held jointly by the ministry of science and technology national ministries and commissions such as guiding China's innovation entrepreneurship competition, is a with "science and technology innovation, achievement of" as the theme of national innovation entrepreneurship competition, after years of development, become the domestic scale and most influence, specifications and highest level of scientific and technological innovation entrepreneurship competition. In the provincial party committee, provincial government and under the guidance of the ministry of science and technology support, our province has become the nation's largest division, with guangdong and shenzhen two division, this year the province's number of participating companies a total of 5850, accounts for the proportion is 20.8%; At the same time, our province also took the lead in hosting two professional competitions, the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan competition and the maker competition, which had a wide influence in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan region and at home and abroad.
  Guangdong division and the "pearl river angel cup" entrepreneurship competition sponsored by the science and technology department of guangdong province science and technology innovation, the productivity promotion center of guangdong province, the guangdong branch financial group, guangdong guangdong melting technology development co., LTD. Jointly undertake this. Guangdong division team of participating enterprises and grown from 2013 in 782 to 2017 in 4197, has four consecutive years participating enterprises and team ranking first in the country, the total power of entrepreneurial innovation to upsurge, speed up the development of new and high technology industries.
  In addition to carry out competition event itself, contest organizing committee and the relevant units and joint Banks, investment, listed counseling agencies, provide a return visit to enterprise financing, investment and financing roadshow, docking, the training of enterprise growth as the main body of science and technology, financial services, help the participating enterprises maximize access to useful resources, information, and realize the rapid and sound development. Around financial comprehensive service center of science and technology at the same time, also actively roadshow for teams provide policy consultation, project, risk investment, scientific and technological financial credit and other comprehensive, one-stop service, and innovation of science and technology venture investment funds, science and technology branch in docking, through venture capital organization of scientific and technological innovation, to give equity investment to the participating enterprises. So far, more than 200 projects have received investment or investment intention, amounting to over 3 billion yuan, which has supported the development and growth of a large number of scientific and technological enterprises.
Under the great support and cooperate with people from all walks of life, competition effectively promote the development of guangdong innovation entrepreneurship, formed the south guangdong land "science and technology and capital to dance", "financial and industrial convergence" lively situation, further formed the "north and south, east and west, innovation entrepreneurship to guangdong" brand effect.