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Warmly congratulate our company on winning the first prize of "the 6th China innovation and entrepre

    On August 31, 2017, the sixth China innovation entrepreneurship competition (guangdong shanwei division) and the 1st "red sea" cup of shanwei cities innovation entrepreneurship competition was held in the NBA finals in shanwei cities and a great success. The final contest was hosted by the science and technology bureau of shanwei city and the science and technology association of shanwei city. Regional innovation entrepreneurship competition of China (guangdong, shanwei) and the 1st "red cup" innovation entrepreneurship competition of shanwei cities, for the shanwei the entrepreneurs to set up a docking resources, adding value, promote growth, display of large platform, throughout the city formed the great influence, effectively stimulated people innovative entrepreneurial zeal.
   After a fierce competition, the first prize of "high performance, no cleaning, no soldering agent packaging Au-Sn filler metal r&d and industrialization" in the competition project of solse electronic packaging materials co., LTD in shanwei city won the first prize of the growth group. The main objective of this project is to improve the machining performance by controlling the oxygen content of Au-Sn solder due to its high brittleness and inability to use the traditional cold press processing method. In addition, combined with the technical accumulation of the company's processing of au-sn solder, hot rolling and subsequent heat treatment technology are introduced to further improve the welding reliability of au-sn solder. This project mainly studies the control of the oxygen content of Au-Sn filler metal, the improvement of the microstructure of Au-Sn filler metal, and the improvement of mechanical properties. In non equilibrium cooling process, try to avoid the formation of large primary phase Au, the formation of solid solution of Au and even tiny Au, Sn eutectic organization, which affects the microstructure morphology, Au, Sn solder welding reliability. This project plans to develop Au-Sn solder to meet the quality requirements of important national defense products, break the foreign technical blockade, and realize the localization of high-end Au-Sn solder. The implementation of this project will serve as a model and a driving force for the industrial transformation and upgrading of eastern and northwestern guangdong and the development of strategic emerging industries in guangdong province.